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Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 12 – Sounds ending with -in

Hi everybody this is Chris, for part 12 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation, the video series that helps you to get a handle on your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, and shake of those ‘foreigner’ pronunciation habits.

In this video we’re looking at sounds that end in -in.

Once again, this sound is not really pronounced like you would expect, as an English speaker. The -in sound actually has a little bit of the -ee sound in it, but just a little, mind.

Try listening to the words on the video and see if you can pronounce it accurately.

Yin – 银行 yínháng – bank
Bin – 嘉宾 jiābīn – VIP / special guest
Pin – 产品 chǎnpǐn – product
Min – 人民 rénmín – the people
Nin – 您好 nínhǎo – hello (in formal situations)
Lin – 森林 sēnlín – forest / jungle
Jin – 黄金 huángjīn – gold
Qin – 钢琴 gāngqín – piano
Xin – 新 xīn – new