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Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 7 – Sounds ending in -ui

Hi everybody, this is Part 7 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation.

This time we’re looking at sounds in Pinyin that and in -ui.

And this is another type of sound in Pinyin that isn’t pronounced like you would expect if you were reading it as an English word, so it’s another one that we need to pay particular attention to.

It’s not pronounced ‘oo ee’, but ‘oo ay’, but copy the examples in the video for the most accurate representation.

It’s almost like it should be written -uei.

Here are the examples from the video:

Gui – 贵 guì – expensive
太贵了 tài guì le – too expensive
Kui – 崩溃 bēngkuì – to collapse
Hui – 回家 huíjiā – to go home
Zui – 嘴巴 zuǐba – mouth
Cui – 脆弱 cuìruò – fragile
Sui – 虽然 suīrán – although
Zhui – 追 zhuī – to chase
Chui – 吹牛 chuīniú – to talk crap
Rui – 尖锐 jiānruì – sharp