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Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 9 – Sounds ending in -un

Hi everybody this is Chris, for part 9 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation, the video series that breaks down Mandarin sounds and tones, and helps you to perfect your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

This time we’re looking at sounds ending in -un.

This is another sound that is not pronounced like you would expect if you are an English speaker. It’s actually got a little bit of an -oo sound in the middle, so it’s almost like you’re saying -oo-un.

Try practising the words in the video, and don’t forget to say them in the correct tones.

Dun – 吨 dūn – tonne
Lun – 轮子 lúnzi – wheel
Gun – 棍子 gùnzi – rod, stick
Kun – 困 kùn – sleepy
Hun – 结婚 jiéhūn – to get married
Zun – 尊敬 zūnjìng – respect
Cun – 存在 cúnzài – to exist
Sun – 孙悟空 sūn wùkōng – ‘the Monkey King’
Zhun – 准确 zhǔnquè – correct, accurate
Chun – 春天 chūntiān – spring (season)
Shun – 顺利 shùnlì – without a hitch