How to Type in Chinese Using Sogou Pinyin

Learning to type in Chinese is an important part of any Chinese learner's to do list. Although of course it takes a long time to get round Chinese grammar and expression, there are a couple of reasons why it is good to learn to type in Chinese early on: 1) By using the Pinyin to enter characters or words, you will become more familiar with recognising characters according to their Pinyin pronunciation, and associating pronunciations with characters 2) If you can type characters or words, Continue Reading

Review of Beginner Mandarin Chinese Courses

I have mentioned that different courses are suitable for different people, and suit different study methods. I am developing my own course, Survive in Chinese, an intensive course for the independent language learner to gain a rapid foundation in Mandarin, however I often like to work through several beginners courses in detail, in order to build a solid base, revise key elements, and gain confidence in using the language. Here are some Mandarin courses that I like: FSI Chinese: A Modular Continue Reading

How to Learn to Speak Fluent Mandarin Chinese – Step 2

Laying a Solid Foundation in Chinese After you are familiar with Chinese pronunciation and how Mandarin is represented in the Roman alphabet using the Pinyin system, you are ready to start the core of your study. There are a number of beginner’s courses that you can use, and each has its strong and weak points. Different courses will be more suited to different people, and I will talk about some in another post. You might like to try a few out and see which one you like. However, at the Continue Reading

How to Learn to Speak Fluent Mandarin Chinese – Step 1

How to Learn Chinese - Part 1 Getting familiar with the Sounds of the Language and Pronunciation Before you start to learn Chinese intensively, you need to be familiar with the sounds of the language. Mandarin has a number of sounds that are very different from English and other commonly spoken languages. It also has 4 tones (four different ways of pronouncing any given syllable). You need to be familiar with the phonemes of the language and the tones (producing them and recognising Continue Reading