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Chinese Character Bites – #45 – 对

Chinese Character Bites 45 - 对

Our character for today is 对

Simplified Chinese character: 对
Traditional Chinese character: 對


This character is pronounced duì in the 4th tone.

What it means:

对 means ‘right’ or ‘correct’.

It can also mean ‘opposite’ in 对面 and it can be a measure word meaning ‘a pair’ or ‘a couple’.
You’ll also see it in other words and expressions with other different meanings, for example
对不起 means ‘sorry’.

Let’s break it down:

The simplified character is 又 (written with 2 strokes) plus 寸 (cùn) ‘hand’.

The traditional character is 丵 (the meaning of this component is uncertain) plus 寸 (cùn) ‘hand’.