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  • Hi?. And how are you.

    Dear. Chris. Will you please send Me a transcript of the personal Pin yin. that you are speaking in mandarin in youtube. When you are introduction yourself in Mandarin. translate to English.

    Thank you very much

  • Alex

    Hi Chris,

    My name is Alex Marshall and I am an American English teacher currently living and working in Kaohsiung,Taiwan. First of all I would like to say thanks for the insight and resources that you have provided on YouTube. It’s always great to learn of other highly motivated individuals with passions to learn foreign languages. I’ve lived in Russia and Korea, which were both great experiences and language challenges. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I began studying Mandarin, and I love it. It’s both challenging and fun, and though I have just recently found myself at a bit of a motivational plateau, I know that this is the moment to stick with it and stay focused.

    Enough about me though, I just wanted to introduce myself and bring up the topic of the Goldlist Method. I’ve been following this method as my primary method for learning new vocabulary. So far as suggested I’ve retained about 30% of the words that I started learning two months ago without having intentionally revisited. What is your take on this form of learning and the Goldlist Method?


    Alex Marshall
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    • Thanks for the message! I haven’t actually ever tried the Goldlist Method. I normally use the app anki on my phone every day and solidify what I learn through reading. The goldlist method seems a little mechanical, but I guess I could give it a go, if it’s something you recommend!

  • Lisa

    Hi Chris,

    First of all, I wanted to say thanks for all the very helpful information on your website. I intend to sit for the HSK Level 1 & 2 next year, and was wondering if you intend to bring out any courses which follow the HSK syllabus?

    Cheers, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, I’m pleased that you are finding the website useful. at the moment I dont have any plans to develop materials for the HSK, but I hope the other posts and materials on the site are helpful in your studies! Chris

  • Harry He

    First, i was shocked by ur fluent chinese, thats amazing, but i know from your video on youtube, u put lots of effort on this.
    i am chinese guy and keeping learning english for a long time, but in fact, when i was
    at middle and high school, it was not even learning english, in that period ,learning
    english was torture and suffering
    for good since last year, i passed out the chance to get into university, i know what i truly need and want, so i found a place wheres very great for english learner
    but now after one-year study, i get my fist job now as a foreign trader, but i still want to make friends with people for all over the world i like others culture and language if youo help me find a friend, that would be great
    Harry He

    • Hi Harry, thanks for sharing your story! It’s great to hear that you found a way of learning that works for you and even better that you are able to use your skills in your job! Best of luck to you in the future, Chris

      • Harry He

        hi friend thank you for your reply, and i got a advice for you, for chinese learners, you can have a Wechat or QQ group for everyone to have free talks, share their experience and make friends. if you take my advice, hope you can add me as a contact on Wechat(13826502426) and QQ(1085900214) 🙂

  • Tung

    Hi friend!
    thank you so much for 24 video. they very helpful to me, and now i can speak chinese easier. i want to improve my Chinese more, now i am studying Taiwan, i am just in Taiwan 6months, if you have some more video please let me know and i want to follow your method.
    Thanks you so much!

    • So glad that the videos helped you! Good luck with your study in Taiwan, and I should have more videos and resources coming soon!

  • Rob D

    Hey Chris,
    Great videos and website.. I’ve found my study of Mandarin really progress with some of the things you’ve mentioned and am really inspired by how fluent and proficient you are with the language.. Really well done man.

    Just wanted to find out if you could do a video about some real specific methods you use when learning Mandarin or any language.. for example, you mentioned using Anki on you phone to add words everyday, do you also use sentences in Anki and do you recommend using a SRS or flash card system everyday for new vocabulary? how much time do you put in to Anki everyday versus reading text books etc…

    Would be really helpful, thanks again mate

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’m always looking for new video suggestions of what people would like to see. I talk about a lot of the tools and methods I use in this video , don’t know if you have seen it, but maybe I will do another video talking more about how to use these tools in practice.

      • Rob D

        Oh great, I hadn’t actually seen that video before..Exactly what I was looking for!!!

        If you are looking for suggestions, one thing I see on a lot of videos I am subscribed to and that seems extremely popular is using certain phrases, sentences or even topics people suggest out in the field with a camera. (like out in the street, or shopping mall with native Chinese people) I think you have a novelty factor in that you are a white British guy that can speak fluently, and just interacting with native people using the things you teach would be excellent. (Like the video you did in the restaurant talking about Chinese food.) I believe it would separate you from the run of the mill Mandarin teaching videos etc..( But whatever you do I’m a fan so keep rocking dude. Feel free to email me if you want me to expand on this.

        • Thanks for your support! It is a lot more complicated doing videos outside, but you’ve definitely given me some ideas to think about, so thanks !

  • donna maxwell

    Hi Chris!

    I have just purchased your course after listening to the first three units. Am a new teacher of Chinese and interested in inspiring ways to capture the attention of young children and teenagers. I am especially keen to find out about any cool ways to help encourage kids to learn their vocab for homework. I’ll look at the Anki app you mentioned- and if you know of any games that are good for younger folks- then please advise!

    • Hi Donna, many thanks for signing up! If you have any questions while you are using the course, just leave a comment or send me an email directly. I’m not really sure about vocab resources for kids, but I found some info about apps here: If they are young children, you might find it useful, Chris

  • Frazer

    Chris. Do you outsource your skills on a day rate or longer if a Company was keen to have a translator and silent observer during key Chinese Business meetings? Frazer

    • Yes I do written translation and interpretation, and I also have reliable interpreters who I know personally in a number of cities in China and the UK. If you send me an email at with your requirements, then I’ll see what I can do to help. Chris

  • Maria Rak

    Hello Chris

    does your course work on Apple products?Macbook in specific it does not have a place to insert cd’s.

    • Hi Maria, yes the course does work on Apple products, including MacBooks.

      The video part of the course is online, so you will need an Internet connection to watch the videos, but you can access them anywhere you can get online, and they also work on iPhones, iPads etc. You can also download all the audio to play wherever you are. Chris

      • Maria Rak

        Thank you for your reply

  • Tarun Jain

    if i purchase your full video Chinese course , Do i need to download all the content by link you will send me so that i can access it anywhere in the world , or i have to watch it online access , i am asking because when i have free time i am not connected with internet , if i need to download what will be the size of all data , one more thing i am sure i can run all type of files on my android phone but still want to ask if is it possible or not ?