September 23


Chinese Conversation Clips – High Speed Trains in China

By fluentin

September 23, 2017

English translation of video content:

Chris: For example, if we are in Beijing, where can we go by high-speed train?

Becca: Actually many places.

Chris: Like Shanghai. We can arrive in Shanghai in five hours.

Becca: Yes, It takes only five hours to get to Shanghai on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. If you take the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, you will be in Guangzhou in seven or eight hours.

Chris: So from Beijing, you can go to Xi’an, northeastern China, and southern cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai directly.

Becca: Also to the east, [cities] like Shangdong and Qingdao.

Chris: Yes, you can go to Shandong and Qingdao by high-speed train. I’ve heard that there is a direct railway, I don’t know whether it’s an EMU or high-speed train, from Beijing to Lhasa. Is that right?

Becca: The Beijing-Tibet Railway has been in operation for many years. But I am not sure about its speed. People in Beijing can take the train to western regions, such as Yunnan and Tibet.

Chris: So some sections of the railway may not be so quick, but you can go there by train, however the railway system is still underdeveloped. In Yunnan, many places don’t have a high-speed railway. You have to take the old green trains, and they are quite slow. Perhaps you can only travel by high-speed train between the big cities, but some cities have yet to develop their high-speed train system.

Becca: Yes. And I know that in remote and mountainous areas, they have had to drill through mountains, and build the railway in the mountains, which is a major engineering project, so..

Chris: In some places, it is difficult to build railways. Actually talking a high-speed train is similar to traveling by air. For instance, a security check is also required in the train station, right?

Becca: Yes. That’s mainly due to people’s rising security awareness in public places over the last few years.

Chris: Security checks are everywhere in China.

Becca: Mainly in populated areas. In fact, it’s not just in China. A lot of five-star hotels and major tourist attractions in Africa and Dubai have security checks. Maybe security checks are necessary in populated areas.

Chris: So it’s a bit like taking a plane.

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