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How to order at a Chinese restaurant in Mandarin

Key Chinese words and phrases from the video:

wǒ xiǎng kànkan càidān

I’d like to look at the menu

yǒu méi yǒu yīngwén càidān?

Do you have an English menu?

wǒ yào yīfèn zhège

I’d like this

服务员, 买单
fúwùyuán, mǎidān

Could I have the bill?

  • Adi Aarau

    Hi Chris I thank you for all those videos. They are really great.
    I have a question.
    This fúwùyuán, mǎidān

 服务员, 买单 is not a little bit impolite? Is normal to be so direct in China?

    • Hi Adi, thanks for the question. Normally, qing wen is used to introduce a question, whereas mai dan just means ‘to pay the bill’, it’s not actually a question, so you don’t need the qing wen. Hope that makes sense. It’s not rude to say fúwùyuán, mǎidān


  • Adi Aarau

    Ok but would not be bettre to say qing wen fuwuyuan maidan?