September 6


Chinese Conversation Clips – The Top Tourist Sites to Visit in China

By fluentin

September 6, 2017

English Translation of video content:

Chris: The first topic we are going to discuss is the tourist attractions that are most worth visiting in China. So Becca I don’t know if I can ask you, first of all, what tourist attractions worth visiting are there in China?

Becca: I think that when we talk about tourism in China, we will first think of the Great Wall. It is also one of the seven wonders of the world. Of course, if you come to the Great Wall, to Beijing, there are also a lot of monuments worth visiting in China’s capital, like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. These are all ancient buildings with many years of history that have been preserved. Of course, there is also the ancient Chinese capital of the past – Xi’an. The terracotta warriors there are world famous.

Chris: You’ve talked about some of Beijing’s monuments, as well as Xi’an. They are both cities in north China. Can you talk about what places in south China are worth visiting? Becca: In the south, to the south there is the big metropolis of Shanghai. Next to Shanghai are Suzhou and Hangzhou, small cities south of the Yangtze River. We often say “There is heaven above, and on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” What this is saying is that that is Suzhou and Hangzhou are like a paradise of on earth. Suzhou’s gardens are also world famous. They are very characteristic. They are a sight very worth seeing. In addition, Chengdu is a very famous tourist city in modern China. In Chengdu you can eat hot pot, and you can see the giant panda, so I think Chengdu is also worth visiting.

Chris: When tourists come to China, they normally go to some of the more famous places, for example, as you just mentioned, the Great Wall in Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and some people might go to Shanghai, or to Chengdu to see the pandas. So, apart from these most popular tourist attractions, what places do you think there are that we might not know, but are very visiting?

Becca: In fact, China is very large, so there are a lot of differences in landforms. For example, if you go the northwest, to Tibet or to Qinghai, there are some places with a lot of ethnic minority characteristics. Yunnan is the same, there are a lot of sights with local characteristics that are worth seeing.

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