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What Do You Want To Eat? – Survival Chinese Bites

Key Chinese words and phrases from the video:

nǐ xiǎng chī shénme?
What do you want to eat?

wǒ xiǎng chī mǐfàn
I want to eat rice

wǒ xiǎng chī miàn
I want to eat noodles

nǐ xǐhuan chī shénme?
What do you like to eat?

我 喜欢 吃 西餐
wǒ xǐhuan chī xīcān
I like eat Western food

中餐 zhōngcān – Chinese food
泰国菜 tàiguó cài – Thai food
意大利菜 yìdàlì cài – Italian food