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Why I decided to learn Cantonese

Chinese is a general term for a variety of dialects, including Mandarin and Cantonese. In this Cantonese video, I attempt to explain why I wanted to learn this fascinating Chinese dialect as well as Mandarin.

  • Phil

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how learning Canto compares with learning Mandarin. More rewarding? More frustrating?

    • People say Cantonese is harder than Mandarin. I think the biggest problem is that there are just a lot more resources for English speakers learning Mandarin, which I guess makes it more frustrating. However, if you already know Mandarin, like I did when I started learning, then there are a lot of books that teach you Cantonese ‘through Mandarin’ and it is a lot easier. The main thing is getting the differences in colloquial vocab and tones right, because the tones and pronunciation are different, but for me, learning Cantonese has been a lot of fun!

      • P Webster

        Very nice explanation in sophisticated Cantonese — excellent job! Have you found any web resources that teach Cantonese through Mandarin or vice versa?

        • Thanks for the comment. A lot of the resources I use are books with CDs, but if you go to the video site and search for 玩转粤语 or 粤语三月通, those are some useful videos for learning Cantonese if you already know Mandarin. For Cantonese speakers, there are some programs on Hong Kong radio, particularly RTHK for learning Mandarin that are in Cantonese.

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