I'm making Chinese easier to understand.

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm not Chinese, but I learned to speak fluent Mandarin, and I want to help you to do it too.

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I've been learning Chinese for more than 10 years, When I first started, people told me I would never become fluent. But I proved everybody wrong...

And what's more, as I learned more Chinese, I discovered that it's really not as difficult as people say, if you know how to go about learning it.

You see, Chinese can be broken down into 'building blocks'- the basic units of meaning - which never change their form, unlike in other languages.

So to speak Chinese all you need to do is figure out which building blocks you need, and the order they should be in.

I call this the 'Building Blocks Method' - and it's what my courses are based on.

You can use it to start speaking Chinese more quickly, so you can have a conversation with a Chinese friend, a Chinese partner, or get around China more easily, without spending years figuring it all out like I had to.

And this site is not just for beginners. Even if you know a bit of Chinese already, I can help you to take your speaking and listening to the next level, with the 'building blocks method'.

So sign up and let's get started, or check out my courses to find out which one suits you best.

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