September 4


Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 10 – Syllables ending in -ie and -ian

By fluentin

September 4, 2015

Hi everybody this is Chris, for part 10 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation, the video series that helps you to tune up and perfect your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

In this video we’re going to be looking at two different types of sounds in Mandarin.

The first are syllables that end in -ie. This is not pronounced -ee but -ee + e (like the ee in sneeze + the e in energy)

Also, the syllable Ye is just this vowel sound on its own. Just say the -ee + e in energy and you’re pretty much there..

The second type of sounds we are looking at are ones that end in -ian. This is not pronounced with an ‘a’ sound, like you might expect, but the letter ‘a’ here is pronounced like the e in energy that I mentioned already.

And in the syllable Yan, the ‘a’ is also pronounced as an ‘e’ in energy.

Confusing, right? But once you know it, you know it.

Watch the video and practise out loud until you get it.

Ye – 商业 shāngyè – business / commercial
Bie – 别人 bíerén – other people
Mie – 灭火 mièhuǒ – to put out a fire
Die – 下跌 xiàdiē – to fall (prices etc)
Lie – 强烈 qiángliè – strong / forceful
Qie – 一切 yīqiè – everything
Xie – 鞋子 xiézi – shoes
Dian – 电视 diànshì – TV
Tian – 甜 tián – sweet
Lian – 脸 liǎn – face
Bian – 方便 fāngbiàn – convenient
Mian – 面条 miàntiáo – noodles
Pian – 便宜 piányi – cheap
Yan – 研究 yánjiū – research


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