August 19


Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 3 – The -e sound

By fluentin

August 19, 2015

Hi everybody this is Chris, for the third part of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation: the video series that breaks down Mandarin sounds and tones, and helps you to perfect your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

In this video we’re going to be looking at the letter E in Pinyin.

If you just saw an -e in English, you would think this is pronounced e, but it’s actually pronounced ‘e’, like ‘er’ you don’t know what you want to say, or something looks pretty disgusting to you and you just want to say ‘uhhh’.

Ok, Let’s practise.

E – 饿 è – hungry.
Nǐ è ma? 你饿吗 Are you hungry?
Me – 什么 shénme – what
De – 德国 déguó – Germany
Te – 特别 tèbié – special
Ne – 你呢 nǐ ne – what about you?
Le – 吃了吗 chī le ma? – have you eaten
Ge – 一个苹果 yī gè píngguǒ – an apple
Ke – 可以 kěyǐ – may
He – 喝啤酒 hē píjiǔ – drink beer
Ze – 毛泽东 máo zédōng – Mao Tse-tung
Ce – 政策 zhèngcè – policy
Se – 颜色 yánsè – colour
Zhe – 这个 zhège – this
Che – 车 chē – car
She – 蛇 shé – snake
Re – 热 rè – hot
Jīntiān hěn rè – 今天很热 – Today it’s very hot.

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