August 21


Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 4 – Sounds ending in -en

By fluentin

August 21, 2015

Hi everybody this is Chris, for Part 4 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation from Fluent in, the video series that breaks down Mandarin sounds and tones, and helps you to perfect your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

In this video we’re going to be looking at the sound -en in Pinyin.

You would expect ben to be pronounced ‘ben’ like the name Ben in English, but it’s actually pronounced ‘bn’

Ben – 笨 bèn – stupid
yī běn shū 一本书 – a book
Pen – 喷泉 pēn quán – fountain
Fen – 粉色 fěnsè – pink
分数 fēnshù – score
Nen – 嫩 nèn – tender
Men – 门 mén – door/gate
我们 wǒmen – we
Hen – 很 hěn – very
Gen – 跟我一起 gēnwǒ yīqǐ – with me
Zhen – 真的 zhēnde – really

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