August 24


Break Through Chinese Pronunciation 5 – Sounds ending in -ang and -eng

By fluentin

August 24, 2015

Hi everybody this is Chris, for Part 5 of Break Through Chinese Pronunciation, the video series that breaks down Mandarin sounds and tones, and helps you to perfect your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

In this video, we’re looking at sounds in Pinyin that end in -ang and -eng, and the difference between them.

You would expect Bang to be pronounced ‘bang’ but it’s actually ‘b ‘ah’ ng’
You would expect Beng to be pronounced  ‘beng’ but it’s actually ‘bng’

Here are the words from the video:

Pang – 胖 pàng – fat
我很胖 wǒ hěn pàng – I am very fat
Peng – 朋友 péngyou – friend
Fang – 地方 dìfāng – place
Feng – 风 fēng – wind
Tang – 糖 táng – sugar
Teng – 疼 téng – painful
Lang – 狼 láng – wolf
Leng – 冷 lěng – cold
Zang – 脏 zāng – dirty
Zeng – 增加 zēngjiā – increase
Chang – 长 cháng – long
Cheng – 城市 chéngshì – city
长城 chángchéng – Great Wall
Rang – 让 ràng – to allow
Reng – 扔 rēng – to throw
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