Learn Chinese Through Songs #16 – Wolf

Wolf (狼) by Chyi Chin (齐秦). Chyi Chin, or Qi Qin is a Taiwanese singer famous for his love songs and soft rock ballads. This song is another oldie (it's from the 80s), but it's also a classic! A lot of Chyi Chin's other songs are worth learning as well, including 大约在冬季, 外面的世界 and 夜夜夜夜. He rose to fame in China again recently after appearing on the hit talent shows 'I am a Singer' and 'The Voice of China'. With his long hair, and leather clothes, Chyi Chin is something of an icon. He had a Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #15 – Bubble

Bubble (泡沫) by G.E.M (邓紫棋). G.E.M is the stage name for the Hong Kong singer Deng Ziqi. She had previously been very popular in Hong Kong, but her appearance on the show 'I am a Singer' (我是歌手) really helped her to break into the mainland China market, proving her ability, showing off her powerful voice (she also performed a cover of Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy'), and This is one of her signature songs - Bubble. It's about somebody dealing with a break-up and being cheated, and Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #14 – The Moon Represents My Heart

The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) by Teresa Teng (邓丽君). This is the second song I have featured by Teresa Teng, following Sweet Honey Honey, which is another of her classics. This song is another popular song to learn for people studying Chinese, and it's easy to understand why: the lyrics are very simple. The song was originally sung by another artist (陈芬兰), but it was Teng who made the song famous, in the 1970s. If you're just starting to learn Chinese and you want to learn your Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #13 – Nothing To My Name

Nothing To My Name (一无所有) by Cui Jian (崔健). Cui is often referred to as the 'father' of Chinese rock and roll, and this is one of his most celebrated songs. It was once something of an anthem of the 1989 democracy movement on Tiananmen Square in 1989, when Cui performed this song on the square. Lately, however, the authorities seem to have forgotten about this association, and you can still find this song in almost all the karaoke bars in China. Cui himself still performs, but he's much less Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #12 – Invisible Wings

Invisible Wings (隐形的翅膀) by Angela Chang (张韶涵). This song is from the Taiwanese singer Angela Chang, and it's a nice, easy-going pop song, with really uplifting lyrics. The basic message is that the singer has a pair of invisible wings, so she can be strong and conquer over everything. The video may be all about the singer, but the lyrics are slow and fairly easy to learn, so this is a good song to have in your karaoke arsenal! Lyrics in pinyin, simplified Chinese characters and English Continue Reading

Chinese New Year Song – May You Be Prosperous

Here's a Chinese song to get you in the Chinese New Year mood! May You Be Prosperous (恭喜发财) by Andy Lau (刘德华). If you've been in China around the Chinese New Year, you've probably heard this one before, even if you don't know what it's called. You hear it in shops and restaurants, and it gets stuck in your head without you even knowing it. Andy Lau is a singer and actor from Hong Kong (most people seem to think that he's better at the acting than he is at singing), and this is one of the Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #10 – Look Over, Girl Opposite

This song was originally written by the Malaysian singer A Niu (阿牛), but it became more widely popular after it was covered by Richie Ren (任贤齐). The lyrics are fun and light-hearted, and it's a really catchy song. It's also a really popular song for guitar players to learn. When you hear it, you'll understand why! You'll find the lyrics in the video in traditional characters, and in Pinyin, simplified characters and English below. duì miàn de nǚ hái kàn guò lái 对面 的 女孩 看 过来 Look Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #9 – Exist

Exist (存在) By Wang Feng (汪峰) I love this song! Today I'm featuring a mainland Chinese artist - Wang Feng, who is known for his rock ballads. He's also known for his private life, incidentally, and he is now married to Zhang Ziyi, the female lead from the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This song is a soul-searching analysis of the meaning of life and one's place in it. It's a bit of a classic and the lyrics are pretty deep. It's hard to sing, but you can still enjoy the song and learn Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #8 – Hill

Today's Chinese song is Hill (山丘) by Jonathan Lee (李宗盛). Lee made his name in the 1980s and 1990s, writing music and lyrics for many top Mandarin pop performers, and was a successful producer in the 2000s. He also sings himself, and this is his most successful recent hit, released in 2013. It has appeared on popular Chinese TV shows, and it's also a popular choice at karaoke! The poetic and soulful lyrics and Lee's distinctive voice make this a really interesting pop song to learn. The Continue Reading

Learn Chinese Through Songs #7 – Peaceful Summer

Peaceful Summer (宁夏) by Fish Leong (梁静茹) This song is a hit by the Malaysian-Chinese singer Fish Leong (Liang Jingru). Slightly strange choice of English name perhaps, but apparently she chose it because the pronunciation of the last character of her name sounds like 'fish' in Cantonese. The song is about the hazy heat of summer, but also the feelings of being away from somebody. The lyrics are sung fairly slowly, so it's a good song to learn. Incidentally, the title of the song 宁夏 is Continue Reading