Interview podcast with Chris on the experience of learning Chinese

Recently, I did an in-depth interview for a podcast with Stefan from Brainstorm Languages, and we had a great conversation about living in China, dealing with the pollution, work in China, cultural differences and my experience on Chinese national TV. We also talked a lot about my experience learning Chinese, and I mentioned a lot of learning tips, so I'm putting that part of the transcript up here. The full podcast is in two parts and you can listen to the whole thing and download the Continue Reading

How to read Chinese (the Easy Way) – Lesson 11

Simplified Chinese version: 她本来只是想实现从前的梦想,但是因为他,她离开了这家公司 Traditional Chinese version: 她本來只是想實現從前的夢想,但是因為他,她離開了這家公司 Continue Reading

How to read Chinese (the Easy Way) – Lesson 8

Simplified character version: 他们没有分手。今天他当面和她说对不起。她说 “以后,一定还要看行动” Traditional character version: 他們沒有分手。今天他當面和她說對不起。她說 “以後,一定還要看行動” Continue Reading

How to Read Chinese (the Easy Way) – Lesson 7

Simplified character version: 现在很多同学去学经济法,都是因为如今经济和法律发展得那么快。 Traditional character version: 現在很多同學去學經濟法,都是因為如今經濟和法律發展得那麼快。 1) 多 多谢!多谢! 你多大? 他的生活丰富多彩。 2)经 他有很多工作经验。 我已经吃过了。 这个电影很经典。 3)么 什么?他怎么可以这么说呀? 这个小狗多么可爱呀! 4)去 你去过中国吗? 你别总和他过不去。 他的老师去年去世了。 5)法 我得想一个办法解决这个问题。 我们要做遵纪守法得好公民。 6)学 好好学习,天天向上。 他的儿子是一个大学生,他在北京大学读书。。 7)如 祝你万事如意。 如果你是有一百万,你会做什么? 8)都 北京市中国的首都(du1)。 我和他都学中文。 都什么时候了,你怎么还不回家? 9)同 爸爸同意弟弟去中国了。 我和他是同学。 10)现 现在几点? 现在我们得去银行兑换一些现金。 Continue Reading

Five Shades of Happiness

By Guo Wen 高兴 gāoxìng, 开心 kāixīn,快乐 kuàilè,愉快 yúkuài and 幸福 xìngfú are synonyms, and they all mean something like "being happy, delightful, joyful" in Chinese, but there are still many nuances between them. Similarly, when you use "joyful, happy, delightful, pleasant, content, and fortunate" in English, they mean almost the same thing. However, you would say "Nice to meet you!" rather than "Content to meet you!" when you meet a friend for the first time. So, in this post, we are going to Continue Reading

How to read Chinese the Easy Way – Lesson 5

Simplified character version: 自从过年之后,这里就下着雪,他的病又发作了 Traditional character version: 自從過年之後,這里就下著雪,他的病又發作了。 1)着 请您接着说。 别着急。 2)下 我下班了。 请您看一下。 3)自 他自己一个人住。 她亲自送信过来。 4)之 总之,这件事情你百分之百错了。 福州是我国著名的鱼米之乡。 5)年 过年了,祝您新年快乐,年年有余,羊年大吉。 6)过 他很会过日子。 这个周末她过生日,你去吗? 7)发 恭喜发财! 我给你发邮件了。 8)后 后天就发工资了。 分手后,他后悔了。 9)作 快毕业了,大家都在忙着找工作。 团队合作非常重要。 我有很多作业。 10)里 他天天糊里糊涂的。 他很想去爬万里长城。 大学毕业是他人生中的一个里程碑。 Continue Reading

Chinese Poem: Sending off emissary Wu on his journey to the capital

白雪歌送武判官歸京 岑參 北風卷地白草折  胡天八月即飛雪 忽如壹夜春風來  千樹萬樹梨花開 散入珠簾濕羅幕  狐裘不暖錦衾薄 將軍角弓不得控  都護鐵衣冷猶著 瀚海闌幹百丈冰  愁雲黲淡萬裏凝 中軍置酒飲歸客  胡琴琵琶與羌笛 紛紛暮雪下轅門  風掣紅旗凍不翻 輪臺東門送君去  去時雪滿天山路 山回路轉不見君  雪上空留馬行處 Sending off emissary Wu on his journey to the capital Cen Sen The north winds blew across nomadic land covered with snow as early as August It gathered on the trees as if they'd bloomed Overnight and spring somehow had arrived Through pearly screens it damped silky curtains in the tent where furs and quilts kept Continue Reading

Chinese Poem: The Frontier Song

塞下曲 盧綸 月黑雁飛高  單于夜遁逃 欲將輕騎逐  大雪滿弓刀   The Frontier Song Lu Lun Wild geese fly high in the moonless dark sky the leader of the Hun tries to escape The light cavalry carry bows and swords covered with snow even before the chase (poem translated by Wei Jia and edited by Chris Parker) 塞下曲 卢纶 月黑雁飞高  单于夜遁逃 欲将轻骑逐  大雪满弓刀 (simplified Chinese) Sāi xià qǔ lú lún yuè hēi yàn fēi gāo, chán yú yè dùn táo. yù jiāng qīng qí zhú, dà xuě mǎn gōng dāo. Continue Reading

Learn a language as if you had all the time in the world

You may be wondering what I’m talking about with this title, because after all, nobody has all the time in the world. Most of us have full time jobs and a whole host of other commitments. We feel that if we are going to learn to speak a language, we need to get there in the shortest time possible, and do it in 6 weeks, or 3 months, working in the most efficient way possible. The single biggest mistake I made in my language learning This is exactly the way I used to think. When I was 17 years Continue Reading

5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Living in China In this video, I talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in China, for those who are thinking of studying or working in the country. I have lived and studied in Beijing, Qingdao and Suzhou for long periods and I've also travelled around the country, so here are a few of my thoughts! Continue Reading