December 3


Chinese Character Bites – #26 – 出

By fluentin

December 3, 2015

Chinese Character Bites 26 - 出

Our character for today is 出

Simplified Chinese character: 出
Traditional Chinese character: 出
(The simplified character and the traditional character are the same)


This character is pronounced chū in the 1st tone

What it means:

出 means to come out, go out or exit.

You’ll see it in words like 出口 (exit), 出生 (to be born), 出去 (to go out) etc.

Let’s break it down:

This character originally came from a character for foot 止 coming out of an enclosure, but the modern day version has morphed to look like two mountains 山 on top of each other.

I like this character because I think it looks a bit like a cactus, so I always think of it as the ‘cactus character’, meaning to ‘go out’. That helps me to remember it 🙂

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