January 8


Chinese Character Bites – #37 – 会

By fluentin

January 8, 2016

Chinese Character bites 37 - 会

Our character for today is 会

Simplified Chinese character: 会
Traditional Chinese character: 會
(The traditional character has some extra strokes on the bottom part)

Pronunciation and what it means:

Most of the time this character is pronounced huì, and means ‘can / able to’, ‘to meet’ or ‘meeting’. It can also mean ‘will’ and be used to introduce actions that happen in the near future.

You’ll also see it pronounced kuài in 会计 kuàijì – accounting / accountant,
and huǐ in 一会儿 yī huìer 一会儿 ‘a little while’.

Let’s break it down:

The simplified version of the character has  on the top and 云 (cloud) on the bottom.

The traditional version contains extra components, but the origin of the character is uncertain, and there are various conflicting interpretations.

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