March 9


Chinese Character Bites – #52 – 多

By fluentin

March 9, 2016

Chinese Character Bites 52 - 多

Our character for today is 多

Simplified Chinese character: 多
Traditional Chinese character: 多
(The simplified character and the traditional character are the same)


This character is pronounced duō in the 1st tone.

What it means:

多 means ‘many’ or ‘much’

After a number it means ‘more than’, for example 20多 ‘more than 20′.

In 多么 it means ‘how much’, and you’ll also see it in 多少 ‘how many/much’? (literally ‘more less’).

Let’s break it down:

多 is made up of two 夕 characters, representing the idea of many or multiplication.

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