October 8


Chinese Character Bites – #9 – 有

By fluentin

October 8, 2015

Our character for today is 有

In simplified Chinese characters: 有
In traditional Chinese characters: 有
(It’s the same in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters)


This character is pronounced yǒu in the 3rd tone.

What it means:

有 means has / have, and it can also be used in some grammatical constructions.

You’ll also often see it in the word 没有 méiyǒu, which comes up really often, and means ‘not have’,’don’t have’, or something ‘hasn’t happened’ in the past.

所有 suǒyǒu – all

Let’s break it down:

The left hand side of the character  means ‘right hand’
and the right hand side means 肉 (meat), 
which appears here as 月,
so the character can be interpreted as a right hand clutching a piece of meat.

You can use this breakdown as a mnemonic to remember the character
– think of ‘having‘ a piece of meat in your right hand.

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