December 1


Chinese Conversation Clips – The Best Universities in China

By fluentin

December 1, 2017

English translation of video content:

Chris: So, can you tell us what famous universities there are or what good universities there are in China? Which universities do you think are the good ones?

Becca: In the comprehensive university ranking of Chinese universities, Peking University and Tsinghua University rank first and second, they are still in the main positions. And besides these universities there are Fudan University and Tongji University in Shanghai, these two universities are also very famous now. Also, Zhejiang University ranks among the top universities. In addition to these, in the top five schools, Xiamen University is also very famous, because Xiamen is a coastal city, and the campus is very beautiful.

Chris: I’ve been to Xiamen University. It does have a beautiful campus, and it’s close to the sea.

Becca: So one of attractions of Xiamen University is its good environment.

And another one is Wuhan University, because it has beautiful cherry blossoms, and it is prominent in terms of its environment and teaching. These are some of the comprehensive universities. In addition to these, there are all kinds of professional universities in China, such as foreign language universities, like Shanghai Foreign Studies University and Beijing Foreign Language University, which are in the foreign language area. Others, like Beijing Normal University, are normal universities which focus on teacher training. There are also financial universities such as Central University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. These are very famous and very good Chinese universities.

Chris: There are actually many universities in China, including some professional universities. So if foreigners come to study in China, can study at Peking University, Tsinghua University or Shanghai International Studies University? Can they go to all of these universities?

Becca: You can go to all of these. These universities all cater to overseas students and foreign students.

Chris: And they all have language courses and professional courses. And as a foreigner, going to these universities is not as hard as for the local students, actually.

Becca: They have to have more preferential policies.

Chris: They have more preferential policies, even scholarships and other subsidies, so you can apply to all of these universities.

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