December 16


Chinese Conversation Clips – WeChat, the Most Popular App in China

By fluentin

December 16, 2017

English translation of video content:

Chris: And there is one app that we can call a super app. It’s called WeChat. Can you tell us what kind of app WeChat is?

Becca: I first came into contact with WeChat in around 2011 or 2012. At that time, WhatsApp was already really popular outside China. But in China, there weren’t so many people using WhatsApp. Later I found a lot of people began to use an app to send short messages. You didn’t get charged for sending an SMS, it only used up your data. And then I discovered that more and more people started to use it. It had a green icon, and was very similar to WhatsApp, because at that time I used WhatsApp first. Later I found that all Chinese people had started to use this green app, and then I discovered that its name was WeChat.

Chris: Actually people used to use a tool called QQ to chat, but now not so many people use QQ. WeChat has become more and more popular.

Becca: Because when WeChat began to get popular, I happened to be studying in the UK. At the beginning of studying abroad, I mainly used QQ to communicate with my family and friends. And later I found that all of them had started to use WeChat. Therefore, I also downloaded WeChat abroad and installed it. Then I discovered that actually wherever I was, away from my family, I could send them messages and it wouldn’t incur international SMS charges or telephone charges. You just need Internet access. So I think it’s very convenient.

Chris: It’s very similar to WhatsApp. But what’s the difference between WeChat and WhatsApp? What other functions of WeChat that might be different from WhatsApp?

Becca: Maybe initially WeChat was quite similar to WhatsApp, just a simple app to send messages using mobile data. But later its functions became more and more powerful. It can send photos, mini videos and can also make phone calls or video calls. Of course, all of these are basic functions. Then, gradually, WeChat moments became popular.

Chris: What is Moments?

Becca: Moments is equivalent to a personal home page, and you can share your photos, your location or share some articles, write down your feelings or status. Just like with your home page in Facebook, you can do the same thing with Moments. Everyone can interact with each other.

For example, I can like your photos and then I can leave you comments. After posting comments, we can interact with each other again. Interact in the comments area. Therefore, Moments is one of the major functions of WeChat.

In addition, WeChat payment is now also very popular, WeChat is already payment software. Now, wherever you go, in the high streets and back lanes of China, basically, you don’t need to bring cash, because WeChat payment is very widespread. Even when you go to the market to buy vegetables, the vegetable seller may have a QR code. You can scan the QR code and pay him/her. So now WeChat Pay is also a very powerful function.

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