March 22


How to make a suggestion in Chinese using 吧

By fluentin

March 22, 2018

吧 is a grammatical particle in Chinese that is used to make a suggestion or to soften the tone of the sentence.

It is always the last character in a sentence.

Some examples of making suggestions:

走吧 zǒu ba – let’s go

吃饭吧 chīfàn ba – let’s eat

休息一下吧 xiūxi yīxià ba – take a rest

piányi yīdiǎn ba
Can it be a little cheaper?

Softening the tone of a sentence or making a concession

好吧 Hǎo ba – alright then

算了吧 Suànle ba- forget it

应该是吧 Yīnggāi shì ba – I think that’s right

Zài děng děng ba- 
Why don’t you wait a little longer?

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