Learn to speak Chinese with confidence, even if you don't have much free time, you forget words easily or you've got no idea where to start...

When you’re learning Chinese, it’s hard to know where to start.

Learning a few words and phrases is easy, but how are you supposed to know how the pieces fit together?

You find endless apps, videos and resources. Teachers who make everything out to be easy, but the more you read about it, the more complicated and confusing everything gets.

You start off optimistic, but then it all gets so overwhelming.

How are you supposed to know what to learn, and in what order?

You wonder whether you are ever going to be able to figure out Chinese and actually speak it for yourself.

Everything starts to feel impossible, and you think about just admitting defeat and giving up.

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I've been there before – I can help you

I’m not Chinese, but I learned the language from scratch. When I first started learning, it was a huge struggle.

It was so hard to remember all the similar sounding words, put sentences together and make sense of the language.

I know what it’s like to read an explanation of the grammar and still not understand, because I’ve been there.

I’ve struggled with Chinese characters, pronunciation and even just being understood.

(and you can imagine how frustrating that can be, when you’re in the middle of China and everything seems so much more foreign and difficult)

In other words, I’ve made every mistake possible.

But fast forward to today, and I can speak Chinese fluently. I’ve got a degree in Chinese, I’m a trained Chinese interpreter, and if you watch the video below, you can even see me speaking Chinese on TV..

I’m a learner too, so I’m an ideal position to help you out.

Introducing Survive in Chinese

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  • 111 Course Videos

    111 bite-sized HD learning videos organised into 23 units on different areas of life in China. Videos include authentic Chinese dialogues, concise explanations of key points, Chinese characters and breakdowns in large easy-to-read fonts, and dozens of interactive exercises to get you practising everything!

  • Complete PDF Transcripts

    Complete transcripts in Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, both in the videos themselves and below the videos in text form. You can also download the full transcripts as PDF files (with separate simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese character versions) that you can print out and take with you to revise from wherever you go.

  • Full Set of Electronic Flashcards

    All the key phrases and the vocabulary from the lessons in a complete set of electronic flashcards. Just install the free software first and then you can study the flashcards from each unit individually. Works with PC / Mac and on Android phones/iPhone/iPad. 

  • Complete MP3 Audio

    Complete MP3s of all the material from the videos which you can download and put on any music playing device to listen to anywhere you are, to revise the content from the videos.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Menus

    Most courses just teach you fried rice and fried noodles and leave you to figure everything else out for yourself. I’m offering you PDF cheat sheets of the all essential characters for Chinese menus that you can take with you next time you’re eating out, loads of names of popular dishes with photos, MP3 audio and flashcards for everything, so you’ll finally be able to order for yourself!

  • Bonus Chinese Vocabulary

    As well as the vocabulary you’ll be picking up from the video lessons, you’ll also get reference guides to loads of essential everyday vocabulary including foods, clothes, items around the house, parts of the body, countries, and cities and provinces in China, so you don’t have to look anything up yourself! You’ll also get the audio of all the vocabulary, so you can make sure you’re saying it all right.

  • FREE BONUS: Guidelines for learning Chinese characters

    An introduction to how to go about learning characters, my 11 videos teaching you how to read 100+ of the most common characters in context, and all the guidelines, websites and resources you’ll need to help you understand Chinese characters.

  • FREE BONUS: Learning Resources Guide

    I’ve collected together a list of the absolute best resources you can find to help you learn Chinese online and offline, based on years of personal experience, so you don’t have to. You’ll find all the best Pinyin and pronunciation helpers, dictionaries, flashcard software, reading tools, places to find example sentences, and suggestions on how to find native language exchange partners and teachers. This guide is going to save you a lot of time!

With Chris's course, we have achieved much more than we did with other courses that we had used earlier. Let's just say, we have travelled extensively throughout the country, both urban and rural China, without any need for any language assistance from anyone. We credit Chris's course for our Chinese language ability.

David and Lavi Vakalalabure (China)

The whole experience is good. The videos are short, and for someone wishing to learn by themselves it can be very effective. Even if someone does take other lessons it is still a good purchase, because the material is easily accessible, and the method is very friendly compared to being taught with a book.

Paul De La Baume (Hong Kong)

I am up to lesson 10 and enjoying doing about 20 min or sometimes more a day.  I find I can read the characters and like doing it. I really like the work sheets and the pace of the online listening material.

Courtland Brewster (Vancouver, Canada)

Extra bonus!

In some courses, there’s just a brief note on pronunciation at the beginning, and then you’re left to figure out the rest with yourself.

But pronunciation is one of the difficult parts of Chinese, so it's really worth paying attention to.

If you sign up to Survive in Chinese, you’ll also get a free detailed bonus module on all the trickiest sounds in Chinese, so you can really tune up your pronunciation and tones and know that you’re going to be understood.

This course is for you if:

  • You're thinking of going to China for study, work or travel and you want to get a head start
  • You've tried other beginners' Chinese courses but you didn't quite 'get it'
  • You don't just want phrases, you want to be able to put sentences together yourself
  • You don't want to make things too complicated
  • You want more Chinese, and less English 'filler'
  • You don't want to get bogged down by 1000s of videos or podcasts
  • You want to progress quickly and make the most of your time
  • You really want to be able to speak Chinese and you're ready to take the next step
Owen Ludwig, Los Angeles, United States

I just want to let you know that your effort in helping us learn Mandarin is truly outstanding! So, thank you more than I can express! I think that I can recommend this course to anyone. As a beginners course, it’s perfect. If you've been studying Mandarin for quite some time, even to the point where you’re gaining confidence, it’s probably still a great overview, and with character exposure as well.

Owen Ludwig, Los Angeles, United States

There are so many Chinese learning websites that I wasn’t sure if this would be the right one. In fact it was! A very big “thank you.” I love using it!

Sidney Green, Australia

$149 $129

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I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do and being so receptive. You’ve put together such a great course and I am getting a ton out of it. My listening and pronunciation have vastly improved. The course has also pushed my drive for learning the language and I have been increasingly getting better at “thinking in the language” more and more, which speeds up or improves my progress.

William Dettrey, Seattle, United States

I can’t thank you enough for putting this course together. It is so well designed, logical and a great way to learn. I’ve researched learning Mandarin very thoroughly via the mainstream suppliers - your method is the only personalised offering I found. It’s unique and it works !! I’ve tried almost everything to get to grips with Chinese, including buying the full set of Rosetta Stone and gave up for the reasons you outline. I wish now that I‘d saved my money and found your website earlier.

Martin, UK

A complete system for learning to speak Chinese

  • Everything you need to start learning Chinese conveniently in one place
  • Get started straight away without having to sift through resources and information
  • Exactly what you need to know when you start learning
  • No useless vocabulary and an absolute minimum of English chat
  • Easy-to-follow structure helps you to learn in the most effective way
  • Lessons in bite-sized pieces, so you won't get overwhelmed
  • Study whenever it suits you, and watch the videos wherever you can get online
  • All Chinese audio is from native speakers, so you'll pick up good pronunciation
  • Integrated speaking practice in sentences - not just dialogues and lists of words
  • Electronic flashcards fix phrases in your head so you won't forget them

You’ll learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself and others in a polite way
  • Talk about where you are from and what languages you speak
  • Use numbers in Chinese and tell the time
  • Shop for clothes, food, and talk about money
  • Use days and dates and talk about your schedule
  • Buy all types of train tickets and say place names
  • Check into a hotel and handle problems with your room
  • Ask for directions and say where things are located
  • Take a taxi and talk about different methods of transport
  • Order Chinese food and handle restaurant basics
  • Respond to small talk and questions you'll get asked
  • Talk on the phone and make appointments
  • Talk about the weather and make comparisons
  • Send letters and buy things at the post office
  • Talk to a doctor and describe your symptoms
  • Be a polite guest, and know what to say to your Chinese host
  • Talk about your hobbies and how often you do them
  • Talk about your family, jobs and life events

I like your style of teaching and calm mannerism. I needed one system to use as a foundation for my language learning, I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest money when there are so many free resources out there, but I think you have created a solid product for the beginner in Chinese. I really enjoy sitting with my children and doing the lessons!

Walter Lundrigan (Canada)

The units are a good length and there's no filler, useless material, silly music or other non-essential production values that waste time. You get right to it, which I appreciate. I have been able to "clean up" or achieve greater accuracy with my pronunciation of the tones.

Jordan Schneider, NY, United States

Watch a sample video

Want to take a look inside?

I really like your clever design with drills and dialogues and the focus on real communication. I am now able to converse with native speakers and am starting to use a range of sentences. Chinese friends have even complimented me on my pronunciation!

Anna Berrett, United States

I find that most websites/courses promise a lot, but I rarely encounter a course that is actually useful. And from what I have seen so far, your course material seems to be better than what others are offering. It's full of useful tips, tools, do's and don’ts. I like it.

Leslie Burger, the Netherlands

The real value of Survive in Chinese is the huge amount of time you'll save in the learning process.

You could spend hours, weeks or even months trying to piece together your own system for learning Chinese, and even then it might not even work..

You won't have to buy a load of extra textbooks, phrasebooks and flashcards, because you'll get all of that in the package.

I'm offering you a complete and effective system that has been tested on hundreds of students. You can get going straight away and start making rapid progress.

Pimsleur Chinese costs $450 for just MP3s and a short booklet. The full price for the Rosetta Stone software is $499. What I'm offering you is a high value package for a much lower price.

Other online courses will charge you $180 or $159 for just 12 months access, and tie you into a subscription, but I don't want to do that.

Your access to Survive in Chinese will never expire. Just one price is all you'll ever pay. And you'll also get free lifetime updates if I make improvements to the course.

Yes, but is it going to work?

I'll be honest with you: you won’t come out speaking Chinese like a native just by taking this course alone.

No course could do that.

But I can promise you this: if you complete Survive in Chinese, you’ll be proficient in speaking Chinese in practical everyday situations.

You won’t just ‘know about Chinese’, you’ll understand how it works, and be able to put sentences together and speak it yourself.

And you’ll have a really good practical foundation for travel, work or study in China or Taiwan.

I’ve had hundreds of students take the course already, with great success. My refund rates are really low, and I’m confident that it’s going to work for you too, but I don’t want you to feel like you’re taking a risk.

That’s why I offer everybody a full money back guarantee, just in case it’s not right for you. That's only fair, right?

100% Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Survive in Chinese, just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll cancel your account and give you a full refund.
You don’t even have to give a reason. No hassle. No questions asked.

$149 $129

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Payment is completely secure, and is handled by a major third party payment processor, not by this site. You can pay by credit or debit card. After payment, everything is automatic. You will receive your password by email, and get instant lifetime access to the course across all your devices.

Being new to learning Mandarin I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I would recommend this course because of its simplicity to work through, its clarity of presentation by both the native speaker and the English guidance provided by yourself, and the comprehensiveness of the content.

Alex Bear (China)

Basically the feature that is ultimate for me is your example in learning Chinese. I like the fact that the course is structured. I am a bit overwhelmed by new information that other learning sources supply and interested in something that is structured, manageable for a beginner, and put in plain English.

Vladimir Korostyelov, Russia
  • q-iconWhy should I spend money on a course when there are free resources online?

    Sure, there are free resources online, but they’re mostly in odd bits and pieces, so it’s really difficult to learn from them and get to a decent level. If you want to make progress quickly, then you really need a system with a proper structure, otherwise you are going to have to spend a lot of time searching around and trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing! What I’m offering you with Survive in Chinese is a structured system that gives you everything you need in one place, with quality teaching plus audio and flashcards to reinforce what you’re learning, so you can make the best start in speaking Chinese.

  • q-iconHow good will I be at Chinese if I finish your course?

    The course is designed to take you to a functional level in Mandarin where you are able to handle everyday situations,
    basic conversations and travel.

    It will give you a good foundation for life or study in China; it doesn’t promise to make you ‘completely fluent’. No course could do that. The course includes Chinese characters, but it doesn’t teach reading or writing specifically. The focus is on understanding and speaking Chinese.

  • q-iconDo I need the Internet to use it? Can I download it to my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

    Yes, you do need to be connected to the Internet to watch the course videos. You can log on on any of your devices, wherever you are. The site works on PCs / Macs / iPhone and iPad. You can also download the audio and flashcards for revision purposes and put them on your your computer/phone.

  • q-iconHow long will the course take?

    You can work through Survive in Chinese as quickly or as slowly as you want. Everything is neatly divided up so you can study bit by bit, whenever you have time. There are 23 units including the introduction, and I recommend that you work through about 2 units per week, and take about 3 months to work through the course.

  • q-iconWhat kind of Chinese does the course teach?

    Survive in Chinese teaches standard Mandarin, which is fully understandable throughout Mainland China and Taiwan.

  • q-iconDoes the course use simplified or traditional Chinese characters?

    The characters shown in the videos and course pages are simplified Chinese characters, however the course also includes complete traditional character transcripts of all the video units and traditional character versions of all the bonus materials for download.