Which Fluent in Mandarin Course is right for me?

Hi! So you're thinking about taking a course on Fluent in Mandarin.com?

That's great! But which course is the right one for you?

Let me quickly outline the differences between the courses and make some recommendations to make things easier for you...

If you are a complete beginner in Chinese or you have just started learning, I recommend that you start with Survive in Chinese.

It's my online video course for beginners where I guide you through all of the basics in Chinese step by step, with the help of native speakers, and take you up to a practical functional level in the language where you are able to handle a range of everyday situations that you might come across living, studying or working in China or Taiwan.

If you have taken a basic Chinese course already, or you've taught yourself the basics then I recommend you take Chinese Sentence Mastery.

It will show you how Chinese sentences really work through examples, improve your ability to 'think in Chinese', take part in all kinds of everyday life conversations and handle various travel/business/social situations in Chinese.

If you already have a high beginner to intermediate level in Chinese and you'd like to focus on improving your listening and understand what Chinese people say at faster speeds, then Chinese Culture Conversations is the course for you.

It gives you 30 really in-depth conversations in Chinese at native speed, all fully transcribed into Chinese characters and translated into English to boost your listening ability, vocabulary and your knowledge of Chinese culture.

If you're struggling with the tones in Chinese and you'd like to improve your pronunciation, then you should check out Mandarin Tones Mastery.

And if you have any questions about my courses and you can't find the answer on this site, feel free to send me an email: info@fluentinmandarin.com

I'd be happy to help you out!